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This Is Our Moment

Friends of the Sexual Assault Resource Center,

This is our moment.

Our national conversation on sexual assault has been galvanized by the Kavanaugh hearings, the Cosby verdict, and the #MeToo movement. More than ever, people are talking about trauma, about consent and sexual health and wellness, and about how we can support survivors and prevent sexual assault so that, one day, no one will ever again endure the trauma of sexual assault. This national conversation is having an effect locally: the day of the Kavanaugh hearings, just one week ago, SARC saw a 166% increase in calls to our crisis line and a 400% increase in requests for referrals to case management.  You may have seen our new Executive Director, Amy Beard, speaking about this dramatic rise in demand on local media, including KATU, KOIN, and KPTV.

SARC is here for all survivors, and we are so proud of the work we do and so grateful to supporters like you who have seen the need for and the value of our work. You have generously supported us in the past with financial donations, volunteer hours, and simply spreading the word about SARC’s services to those who may need us or who want to work with us. With this dramatic rise in requests for services, SARC needs your help now more than ever. Your contribution today will help us expand our ability to provide the many services SARC provides to our community: 24/7/365 crisis intervention via telephone, in-person emergency support at hospitals and law enforcement agencies, ongoing case management services, support groups, one-on-one counseling, and sexual assault prevention education training to schools in the tri-county area.

Will you seize this moment and help fund these much-needed services to the members of your community who are reaching out to SARC for help? Please, take a stand for survivors  of sexual assault and donate to SARC today. Donate via Paypal, credit, or debit card here.

Thank you for your continued support of SARC, of survivors of sexual assault, and of our community.

Call for Submissions – ¡Se Solicita su Arte!

Share your experience, your resilience, your strength, your story.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and SARC is publishing the 2nd edition of Reclaim//Reclama.

What is Reclaim//Reclama?

Reclaim//Reclama is an art magazine of stories, poems, prose, visual art, photography, and other types of creative expression made by people across Oregon who have been impacted by sexual violence.

Sexual violence can include many different experiences. Reclaim//Reclama is a publication that provides a platform for people whose stories and existences are often silenced or underrepresented in discussions around sexual violence. Expressions of trauma and trauma recovery through various forms of art can be deeply meaningful to both the artists who create these works, as well as people who see, read, hear and experience them.

Donations from the publication will be used to thank the artists and support SARC’s client services programs.

How do I submit my art?

We are currently collecting submissions for the second edition of Reclaim//Reclama, to be published during Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April 2019.

If you have a piece you want published, please submit through the following options:


Mail submission physically to:
SAAM Submission
Sexual Assault Resource Center
4900 SW Griffith Drive, Suite 100
Beaverton OR, 97005

Submission Guidelines

• Submissions can be anonymous, include a first name, last name, or a fake name.
• Submissions must include how you want to be listed as the artist.
• Submissions must include a title, or how you would like us to list your piece.
• We encourage submissions in all languages.
• We encourage submission from all identities.
• 1-2 submissions per person.
• SARC staff review all submissions and will follow up with artists with any questions.

Submission deadline (EXTENDED): April 12th

Showcase information: To celebrate the release of Reclaim//Reclama in April 2019, SARC will host a showcase for artists who would like to come read or present their work, as well as an open mic for attendees. More information on the date, time, and location of the showcase will be posted as we finalize those details.

We are excited and honored to experience the art you choose to share with us!

¡Se Solicita su Arte!

Comparte tu experiencia, tu resistencia, tu fortaleza, tu historia.

Abril es el Mes de Conciencia sobre el Acoso Sexual (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) y el Centro de Recursos para Acoso Sexual (the Sexual Assault Resource Center) está publicando la segunda edición de Reclaim//Reclama.

¿Qué es Reclaim//Reclama?

Reclaim//Reclama es una revista de arte de cuentos, poemas, prosa, arte visual, fotografía y otro tipos de medios creativos hechos por personas en todo Oregón quienes han sido impactados por la violencia sexual.

La violencia sexual puede incluir muchas diferentes experiencias. Reclaim//Reclama es una publicación que aporta una plataforma para gente cuyas historias y existencias son frecuentemente silenciadas o subrepresentadas en discusiones sobre violencia sexual. Expresiones de trauma y la recuperación del trauma a través de varias formas de arte pueden ser profundamente significativas tanto para los artistas que crean estas obras como para la gente que las ven, leen, escuchan y lo sienten.

Donaciones de la publicación se utilizarán para agradecer a los artistas y apoyar los programas de servicio a los clientes de SARC.

¿Cómo entrego mi arte?

Estamos actualmente recibiendo entregas para la segunda edición de Reclaim//Reclama, qué será publicada durante El Mes de Conciencia sobre el Acoso Sexual (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) en abril 2019.

Si tienes una obra que quieres publicar, favor de entregarlo a través de las siguientes opciones:

Correo electrónico:

Envíe arte físicamente por correo a:

SAAM Submission
Sexual Assault Resource Center
4900 SW Griffith Drive, Suite 100
Beaverton OR, 97005

Reglas Generales para las Entregas de Arte

  • Entregas de arte pueden ser anónimos, incluir su primer nombre, apellido, o un nombre falso.
  • Entregas de arte tienen que incluir cómo desea que se le incluya como artista en la publicación.
  • Entregas de arte tienen que incluir un título, o cómo quiere que aparezca su obra en la publicación.
  • Alentamos entregas de arte en todos los idiomas.
  • Alentamos entregas de arte de todo tipos de identidades.
  • 1-2 entregas de arte por persona.
  • Empleados de SARC revisan todas las entregas de arte y harán seguimiento con los artistas con cualquier preguntas que tengan.

Fecha límite: 12 de Abril

Información sobre la Exhibición: Para celebrar el lanzamiento de Reclaim//Reclama en abril 2019, SARC presentará una exhibición para artistas que querrán asistir para leer o presentar su trabajo, al igual que tener un micrófono abierto (open mic) para el público presente. Se les dará más información sobre la fecha, el horario y la ubicación de la exhibición a medida que finalizemos esos detalles.

¡Tenemos mucha emoción al tener el gran honor de poder conocer el arte que elija compartir con nosotros/as!

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

In the midst of holiday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget how many people are trying to heal in the wake of sexual assault . . . or how little it takes for you to make a difference for someone in crisis. This October alone, SARC responded to 109 crisis calls from sexual assault survivors, and your donations helped provide hygiene kits, transportation to services, clothing, meals, and more to those who needed it. In a world as big as ours, with as much need as we see around us every day, it’s easy to wonder how one person can make a difference. This is how:

  • $5 provides a bus pass for a client to get to and from support group for a week
  • $25 provides an emergency hygiene bag and meal to a survivor in crisis working with a SARC case manager
  • $50 replaces the clothes the police collect from the survivor as evidence of the assault
  • $55 covers crisis line expenses for 24 hours
  • $175 funds the in-person dispatch hotline for one week
  • $375 pays for cell phone service for all SARC staff for one month
  • $900 pays for the services of a support group facilitator for one month
  • $1200 provides a survivor in need of safe housing with the application fee and first months’ rent on a new apartment
  • $1500 funds the crisis line for one month
  • $3000 pays the salary for one full-time case manager or one part-time mental health counselor for one month
  • $5000 covers the expenses of our prevention education program for one month. This program provides healthy relationship and anti-violence education to youth throughout the tri-county area with the goal and hope that, one day, no one will need the client support services SARC provides because we will be living in a safer, healthier society.

You have the power to make a difference. You have the power to help those who experience sexual assault navigate their paths to healing. Together, we can ensure every sexual assault survivor receives the support and care they need. Together, we can teach today’s youth how to create a safer tomorrow. With your help, together we can end sexual violence. Donate this Giving Tuesday through our Facebook page or via Paypal.

Survivors Reclaim // Reclama

In celebration of this year’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), SARC presents “Reclaim//Reclama”, a publication highlighting the stories and artwork of survivors from all walks of life throughout the state of Oregon.

We have noticed over the years, that there are many voices and experiences that often go unrepresented during local SAAM efforts. This publication is an attempt to create an opportunity for those folks whose experiences go unrecognized to reclaim this space.

We’re honored that these artists chose to collaborate with us on this magazine and we are making it available for sale to help support the artists and SARC.

On Saturday, April 28th, there will be an event at Solace & Fine Espresso, featuring appearances by artists who contributed to this project. Join us, in community, to celebrate the beautiful work that made this project possible. Event details are on our Facebook page.

“Reclaim//Reclama” will be available for purchase at the event. Proceeds will go towards thanking the artists for their participation as well as support of SARC. If you would like to purchase a zine you can do so via the ‘Buy Now’ button below. If you are interested in ordering a larger quantity or would like to help with the sale of this project, please message us directly at info[at] If cost is a barrier but you would still like to support artists and SARC please contact us directly at the same email address.

Reclaim_coverReclaim // Reclama

A collaboration with local artists showcasing visual art and the written word. Survivors supporting survivors through this collection of culturally diverse work. We have kept pieces in the language they were originally written in. We did not want any artists’ messages to get lost in translation. We hope this choice preserves the artists’ intention, culture, and artistic expression.

-24 pages
-printed on glossy presentation paper
-perfect binding
-$2 mailing charge will be added

Pay what you can

40th Ruby Anniversary Fundraiser

40th Ruby Anniversary Fundraiser

It’s been a couple years since we’ve held a fundraiser and this year we wanted to do something special and impactful as much as possible to raise awareness and funds for SARC. We also wanted to act sooner than later because of the political and social climate we find ourselves in and because we know that SARC is losing funding, we just don’t know the extent yet. With a lot at stake for our vulnerable communities, there has been so much momentum in the social justice movements and awareness raising since election day; we certainly are no exception.

This year’s fundraiser marks SARC’s 40th Anniversary operating as a support agency for survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones first and foremost. Since its inception in 1977, it has expanded to cover anti-trafficking programs and prevention education. We’re highlighting this occasion occurring at the end of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). The color for a 40th anniversary is ruby red, and what better theme than to have it be our ‘Ruby Anniversary Fundraiser’? We’re carrying through the red color of solidarity and invite you to wear your red out to the fundraiser.

We’ve been hard at work planning and the event is coming up this week! We wanted to be sure to thank and highlight our sponsors and donors and share the silent auction and raffle item details here. You can track updates on our other social media channels like the Facebook event page, Twitter, and Instagram, please see other posts and information there.

Listen for us to be featured on XRAY.FM’s show, ‘The Non Profit Hour’, Tuesday, airing at 1:00PM, and re-airing the following Monday morning, 6:00AM. A few of us went in to record this interview hosted by Phil Busse of the NPH show. Recording will also be available as a podcast.

Date: April 27, Thursday
Time: 5 – 8:00pm
Venue: Ecotrust
Program Schedule:
5:00 – DJ Mr. Mumu, open mingling, snacks, drinks, networking
5:45 – kick-off intro
6:00 – DJ, open, donation highlights
6:15 – Get to know SARC & Staff
7:00 – Pull a few tix
7:05 – Executive Dir., Erin Ellis
7:30 – Moody Little Sister
7:50 – Pull all tix; wrap; hand-off prizes

The silent auction will go through the end of the evening and we’ll plan on pulling raffle tix at least a couple times. You do not have to be present to win a prize and if you elect not to purchase the auction item you bid on, it goes to the next highest bidder.

moodypicThis year, Moody Little Sister, will perform at the end of the evening for us. Naomi Hooley  and Rob Stroup form a Folk-Rock & Soul Duo out of Portland, Oregon, who have been touring and playing a lot of shows as of late. [insert pic] Community, nature, and the inward journey are the chorus line themes to most of the band’s songs. As a result they have been regarded as “social change agents” and “community creators”. Their debut record “Wild Places” is a soundtrack for anyone on a journey to be more authentically themselves.They’ve just announced an exciting move to New Mexico, so we’re lucky to have them play for us before their next adventure! Photo provided by Moody Little Sister.

DJ-Mr-MumuWe will also have a great local DJ Mr. Mumu, who plays regularly at Tilt and Valentines, to get you in the mood to donate. Lover of all types of music, he’s been working as a DJ for two decades and then some.

“I have played and can play just about every event possible…from swank black tie soirees to dark and dirty rock clubs…sometimes in the same night.”
Get ready to do some dancing while donating, while he spins only vinyl for us!

This is an annual fundraiser that we hope to grow year after year, and we are so thankful for our sponsors and all donors for this year’s event. All of the auction and raffle items have been donated by artists, businesses, friends and family in our community. Please let them know you appreciate their support of SARC the next chance you get. Photo provided by DJ Mr. Mumu.


Enjoy these donated drinks and food

We’ll have more drinks, food, and sweets for you, we’d love to see you all there!

Silent Auction and Raffle Items showing their retail value | Items 1 -9 (silent auction)

1 Blazers Print $150
2 Rodinia necklace $200
3 Dawn Kowalewski Photography (14X14) $250
4 Artistic Bliss Portraits – 11×14 $550
5 Artistic Bliss Portraits – 11×14 $550
6 Private Flight Time (2-3 people) $425
7 Beach House (2 nights) $840
8 Women’s Group Self-defense Class $1,500
9 Dunn Carney Legal Services $1,750
10 Wine – Hiram $40
11 Bluestar Donuts $50
12 Bluestar Donuts $50
13 Domaine Drouhin Wine $50
14 Wine $50
15 Wine – Hiram $60
16 Rodinia ‘PDX’ necklace $52
17 City of Portland Golf passes 2×18 holes $90
18 Widmer Brothers Beer Pack $100
19 Yoga Shala – Classes 10-pack $110
20 Laika Studios – Kubo Gift Set $125
21 Ascension Fitness (pkg w/ Dr. Ni’s) $127
22 Cleobella Dress $150
23 Aquarium Pkg $199
24 Cleobella Dress $250
25 Folly Shopping party $250
26 Eastside Distilling Party $250
27 Garden Party for 6 $300
28 Cleobella Bag $400
29 Cleobella Bag $400
30 Mexico Vacation Rental (6 nights) $2,100 *Special raffle
31 Pilates Central PDX (2 sessions) $140
32 Pilates Central PDX (2 sessions) $140
33 Andina Restaurant GC $150
34 The Bite of Oregon tix 2 $150
35 Warrior Flow – Spring Challenge $175


Join Us at PSA, a Community Art Exhibition Benefitting SARC


Sexual Assault Awareness Month is coming up! The Ford Gallery is hosting PSA, a community exhibition, curated by Lindsey Oldani, with proceeds going to SARC.

Join us on March 25, 2017 from 6 pm to 10 pm for our opening reception, live music (TBA/TBD), silent auction, and spoken word performance.

PSA is a Public Service Announcement that Provides Support through Art. In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month and in response to recent federal action to defund the Violence Against Women Act, this group exhibition is our way of acknowledging this major social issue. PSA provides a showcase for local artists who believe in the importance of a community that actively addresses sexual violence, while also raising money for a local organization that serves survivors daily.

The event will include a community showcase and art exhibition by local women, spoken word performances from our rich community of oral artists, and the 10×10 donation project. Our #10x10Project supports the Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC Oregon), a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote social justice by eliminating sexual violence in our community through education, support, and advocacy. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each 10″ by 10″ piece will go directly to SARC.

Do Right Sundays fundraiser for SARC by Dig A Pony!


Every last Sunday of the month Dig A Pony partners with a different local nonprofit or community organization to highlight the work they’re doing in Portland and contribute 10% of daily sales to the group…It’s a simple way for them to do right in the city they love. Considering the recent developments in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, they thought it only right to partner this month with us! Thank you, Dig A Pony!

For more information about the event: visit the Do Right Sundays Event Page 

The night is always free to attend and is anchored by some favorite DJs, Deena Bee & Spark… They play throwback hip hop, R&B and electro and set the perfect laid back tone for the evening.

Dig A Pony is a warm and welcoming bar in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Putting a fresh take on an old space, they have one of the largest bar tops in town, DJs playing records every night, and an enticing and varied food and drink menu. Providing an inviting and friendly place for meeting old friends and making new ones.


Spreading the Love!

Thanks to IStandForLove and the LifeIsBeautiful calendar matching weekend, 300 inspirational calendars were donated to SARC!  We will be spreading the love throughout our community by sharing these calendars with those we serve as well as our amazing volunteers who make it all possible.  A huge thank you to everyone who purchased calendars over Thanksgiving weekend, and of course, to Sarah Love for her kindness and sharing her creation with us!

To support a local Portland artist and continue spreading the love, you can purchase the LifeIsBeautiful calendar here:

Spread the love!

Spread the love!

Sarah Love, the creator of these fabulous calendars and the istandforlove moment, was kind enough to offer to host a matching event! For every calendar sold over from Thanksgiving through Giving Tues (November 26-December 1st) she will donate a calendar to SARC!

These make amazing gifts, so considering purchasing a calendar and please share this event with your networks. For more info and to order calendars (on or after Thursday), check out their website here

A HUGE thank you to Sarah for her extreme generosity, warm heart and willingness and dedication to filling this world with love!

Operation Santa

SARC invites you to give back to your community this holiday season by donating to our annual ‘Operation Santa’ event that helps us to provide the youth we serve with clothing, food, and other basic needs…

Please read details in the image and share with your family and friends!