About SARC

Kelly Lusk, J.D.
Pronouns: (she/her)

Board Member

Kelly has served on the SARC Board since 2016, serving as Chair of the Board from 2018 to 2020.  As a survivor of sexual assault, Kelly joined SARC to do her part in ending sexual violence.

Hiram Moy

Managing Partner, Transworld Business Advisors of Seattle
(Pronouns: he/him)

I am a business advisor focused on helping business owners with their exit strategies. My professional background includes general management and finance. I joined SARC in 2018 as a Board Member and currently serves as the Treasurer, Chair of the Governance Committee and Chair of the Finance Committee.

Sherrill Corbett
Pronouns: (she/her)

Partner, Tonkon Torp LLP

I am a business lawyer focusing on helping clients buy and sell businesses, as well as raising capital through debt or equity. I have a passion for preventing and eliminating sexual assault.  I joined SARC in 2019 as a Board Member and currently serve as the Board Chair and member of each of the Governance and Finance Committees.

Katie Brokaw
Pronouns: (she/her)

Moda Health, Inc

I am an attorney working in Compliance and running my own Non-Profit. I joined S.A.R.C to expand upon my thirteen years of advocacy work to include an in-depth legal knowledge surrounding non profits. I have a true passion for wanting to see positive change in our community and particularly being involved in legislation around intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

Carla Marcoff
Pronouns: (she, her)

Director of Human Resources, Lovett, Inc

Veronica Miller
Pronouns: (she, her)

Accounting Manager, Geffen Mesher

Tara Leigh Kinateder
Pronouns: (she, her)

Principal, Ferguson Wellman Capital Management

I am a wealth manager dedicated to helping clients grow, manage, and protect their wealth, as well as teaching and empowering them to make important decisions for their financial future and their legacy. I joined SARC in 2022 as a Board Member and look forward to serving.

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