Brandy Selover, MPH, Executive Director
(Pronouns: she/her)

503-626-9100, ext. 250

My life’s work has been rooted in principles of equality, social equity, honesty, creativity, strategy, prevention, and service to community, and I have been a leader by example in all those tenets. I have been active in the movement to end gender violence, specifically sexual violence, for more than two decades through a multi-layered and rich journey. My background includes having served as a Detective in law enforcement for more than a decade, specializing in sex crimes investigations and as a child forensic interviewer. I significantly shifted approaches to the work toward social justice in 2011 by beginning to focus on primary prevention strategies that address root cause issues at the core of oppression in an effort to address societal and systemic norms that impact social determinants of health. I have served as a Program Manager, Project Director, and staff empowerment evaluator with the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence in statewide and national technical assistance roles, as well as developing multifaceted community-centered prevention programming under funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Office on Violence Against Women. Also, I served as the Executive Director for the Idaho Public Employees Association where I engaged in overall organizational oversight, visionary leadership, strategic vision for the organization, stakeholder engagement, and funds development. And in the role of Board President of the Advocates Against Family Violence, a domestic and sexual violence program and shelter in rural Idaho for individuals who have experienced interpersonal violence in their lives. I earned a master’s degree in public health with an emphasis on community education from Concordia University- Seward, NE, and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration from Boise State University. In my free time, I enjoy long-distance hiking/backpacking, riding my Harley-Davidson motorcycle, fishing the rivers with my partner and husband, Jarod, and playing with my kiddo and two dogs. Contact me by email at brandys@sarcoregon.org.

Kirsten Adkerson, Administrative Assistant
(Pronouns: she/her)

Direct 971-770-3015 | office 503.626.9100, ext. 247

I am so honored to be supporting a group of people committed to serving our community. It is through everyday interactions with clients and coworkers that I am continuously energized to engage in the conversations needed for true liberation to happen. I enjoy reading, cooking meals with friends, and contemplating the inner thoughts of my two dogs. I hold the words of Audre Lorde and Octavia Butler close to my heart and in all I do-

I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own”. -Audre Lorde

“Without positive obsession, there is nothing at all.”—Octavia Butler


Raquel Orona, Case Manager
(Pronouns: she/her)

503-626-9100, ext. 228
Languages: Spanish, English

I have been in the Social Service field for about 15 years. I have worked with children, youth, elderly, survivors of domestic violence and the houseless community. Throughout these years, it has been of great fulfilment seeing clients take off on their journeys with the resources and tools needed to navigate our complex systems in society. I am very grateful of the opportunity to work with the SARC team. The team’s genuine interest of supporting the clients and staff has sparked a new perspective in me to a better tomorrow for all. I am appreciative of SARC’s continued effort to learn and include all communities in their services.

Alise Murphy, Case Manager
(Pronouns: she/her)

503-626-9100 Ext. 225
Languages: English

I count myself blessed to be a part of the Crisis Intervention Team whose main goal is to walk along side and support people who have experienced sexual violence. I’m committed to challenge and bring change to the cultural attitudes around sexual violence and victim blaming by having hard conversations and investing time to bring awareness around these issues. Won’t you join me?

Lilian Chen, On Call Support Line Advocate
(Pronouns: she/her)

Language: English, Cantonese

Hello! My name is Lilian. I briefly started volunteering with SARC in 2018 and came back in mid-2021 to volunteer on the support line before finally transitioning to an on-call support line staff a year later. As a volunteer transitioning into a staff role, I’m ecstatic to work closely with a team who not only cares and advocates for the community but also for each other. I graduated with a B.S. in biology and psychology a few years back and plan on continuing my graduate education in the healthcare field within a couple years. I feel that being an advocate at SARC has many parallels to working in healthcare as many times there is a necessity to advocate for your own clients and patients. Being present for others while they tell their stories and validating what happened can be an empowering experience, and I am honored to be the person who can be there rooting for them by supporting them in any way I can. Outside of SARC, I am passionate about raising awareness for the Asian American community and destigmatizing our culture to the general public. 

Riley McNutt, On Call Support Line Advocate
(Pronouns: she/her or they/them)

Language: English

In summer of 2020, I realized I wanted to help survivors and luckily, with some research, I discovered SARC was accepting volunteer applications. I completed my training in October of 2020 and even though there wasn’t much I could do as far as volunteering at the time, I tried to remain active by attending monthly meetings. Spring of 2021, I started volunteering on the 24hr support line and as of July 2021, I was hired as an employee to work as an on-call advocate on the support line. I am so excited for this opportunity as I am going to school for Community Advocacy and Social Policy through Arizona State University online and it is work I am truly passionate about. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn how I can best support survivors and working for an agency that has values that align with my own.

Tiffany Jimenez, Case Manager
(Pronouns: she/her)

Languages: Spanish, English

Hi there! Tiffany here. Your local support line advocate. I am beyond grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team that helps survivors access and obtain the support they need. As a former teen leader, preschool assistant, workshop facilitator and youth mentor, my passion has always been outreach and social services. My internal drive for helping others and advocacy is for one simple reason, I want to be there for others the way kind strangers were there for me. My additional interests outside of advocacy include, exploring the worlds (nature) greatest treasures, reading, coloring, and meditation.

Stephanie Womack, On-Call Support Line Advocate
(Pronouns: she/her)

Languages: English, Some Spanish

I have always been passionate about helping others in one facet or another since I was a small child, and after 17 years in the administration, marketing, and finance world, this passion and my conviction grew to a point where I just couldn’t continue on without making it my main focus in life. It was then that I decided to make a major career and life change. I went back to school to earn my Bachelors degree in Social and Behavioral Studies and am now attending graduate school to earn my Master’s to become a marriage, family, and individual therapist. I am SO excited!

Becoming an On-call Support Line Advocate for the Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) has been an immense privilege for me and continues to be a source of humility and honor as I am able to not only be entrusted with the details of survivors’ journeys, but also be given the opportunity to support them and offer the wonderful resources SARC has to offer as a way to help them heal. I am grateful to have become part of such an honorable organization!

On a personal note, I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2017 and quickly fell in love with the amazingly beautiful scenery and all it has to offer to those who love the outdoors. I became an avid hiker, explorer, camper, and in-door rock climber (not feeling like I’m good enough to take it outdoors yet!). I also love music and play the guitar, ukulele, piano, sing, and would love to learn the drums and cello next!

Areebah Zaidi, On-Call Support Line Advocate
(Pronouns: she/her)

Languages: English, Urdu

I’m new to SARC and super excited to work along with all this amazing team. I have experience with mental health and working with youth in crisis. I’m also graduating this year from Portland State with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology Honors, which I’m super excited about! I plan on continuing my education and hopefully going into the medical field. As a confidential support line advocate, I support people who have experienced or have been exposed to sexual violence. As a woman of color, I’m very passionate about getting support to those who need it and hopefully one day, I’ll be able to work in preventing it too. I’m looking forward to learn more ways I can support to others.

Caitlin Baird, On-Call Crisis Response Advocate
(Pronouns: she/her)

Languages: English

I began my work as an advocate working with youth in foster care who wanted to connect with family members and friends that they lost connections with while growing up in the foster care system. Shortly after that, I began working with youth and young adults as a Wraparound youth partner. In this role I used my lived experience as someone who has experienced trauma and mental health struggles to help young people advocate for themselves. I quickly began supervising other youth peer support specialists and used that experience to help survivors feel empowered. I currently work at Portland State University for the System of Care Institute and provide training and coaching on Wraparound and supporting client centered care.

In my free time I like to hike with my best friend (and dog), Polo, snuggle up with a book and my other best friend (and cat), Jude, practice yoga, read, journal, pickle all the things, and grow as a plant mom!

Chelsea Hoskins, On-Call Crisis Response Advocate
(Pronouns: she/her)

Languages: English

I am a new edition to the SARC team and am very excited to fulfill my role as an On Call Crisis Response Advocate. I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Science and a minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Queer Studies. I also have volunteer experience working as a transcriber with the NYC Trans Oral History Project. I am a passionate person who hopes to see equitable change in our world that values and validates the identities of all people. I feel that everyone is capable of creating change, no matter how small. It is very exciting to witness the individuals working and volunteering here at SARC, as they are all apart of the change I wish to see. I hope to be a valuable contribution to the team and others while supporting those who have experienced sexual assault.

Renee Junio, On-call Crisis Response Advocate
(Pronouns: she/her and they/them)

Languages: English

The sound of coffee beans clinking against the blades of the coffee grinder as I pour them in.
The first breath I take in of the crisp morning air after a night of rain.
The smooth feel of my favorite blue jeans that fit just so, like it’s a second skin.

I have the privilege to take pleasure in these little things and other snippets in time. It’s a beautiful thing! They’re moments that are so simple yet come from such complex inceptions.

Becoming an on-call crisis response advocate will give me a new privilege to empower survivors so that they too, from their complex and multifaceted beginnings and histories, can sit back and revel in life’s little things.

Amancia Kaushal, On-Call Crisis Response Advocate
(Pronouns: she/her)

Languages: English

While I am new to the field of work done by SARC, I am honored to join the agency as an On-Call Crisis Response Advocate. I have spent most of my adult life as a stay at home mom of 3 kids. My first position after returning to the workforce was working in direct support of adults with disabilities, which was a deeply personal position, as the mother to an autistic son who may engage these type of services for himself one day. I am currently a student at PCC, and will complete an Associate of General Studies early next year. I am trying to figure out what degree program to pursue next, that best aligns with my desired purpose. Connecting with and supporting minority and multicultural families (such as mine) has always been a priority for my heart. I believe there is so much value in seeing people for who and where they are, not in comparison to anyone else, and supporting them from that point, and not a preconceived idea of who or where one should be.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, roller skating, and listening to podcasts (The Huberman Lab is my current favorite)

Lizzie Graham, On Call Crisis Response Advocate
(Pronouns: she/her)

Languages: English

Hello Everyone! My name is Lizzie, my pronouns are she/her. I’ve lived in Oregon my whole life and love the PNW and all it offers. I’m passionate about helping people, woodworking, and DnD campaigns. I live with my wife and our two fur babies in Hillsboro.

Justin Munro, On Call Crisis Response Advocate
(Pronouns: he/him)

Languages: English

“My life experience has been one long training to arrive here, as a crisis response advocate, and there is nothing in the world I would rather be doing. I am humbled to be able to offer what I can— to be a source of calm in the storm and to act as witness on one of the hardest days of someone’s life.”

“I’m here to represent survivors of all identities, and to amplify the voice of anyone who feels they aren’t being heard. I have experience working with in-patient facilities, law enforcement, the court system, domestic violence shelters, and the mental health system. I know how to navigate those waters and use it to get clients the resources they need.”

“In my spare time I enjoy exploring the Portland food scene, training in MMA, hiking, and spending quality time with furry companion Aji!”

Danielle Talla, On Call Support Line Advocate
(Pronouns: she/her)

Languages: English, French

September 2021, I started SARC as a volunteer with the goal to hopefully work for such an impactful non-profit. Recently, I was honored to be given an on-call support line advocate position. My passion for this work comes from working as an advocate at a Women’s Resource Center for 2 years. There, I learned how even the shortest conversation can have a major effect in someone’s life. In this new position, I hope to provide as much support as I can to people in need. In addition, I am eager to learn new skills that will help me even in the smallest way make our world less chaotic. In my free time, I enjoy dancing Latin music (Zumba), singing with my nephews and traveling anywhere I can.


Counseling Services

Rachel Lowenthal, L.C.S.W., Mental Health Clinician
(Pronouns: she/her)

503-626-9100, ext. 223

SARC is the kind of place that believes that all who come for support are welcomed with warmth, kindness and dignity. SARC believes that we are not defined by past events, and that with an understanding supportive community we can reconnect to our core selves. Our counseling program is firmly rooted in these philosophies, providing a strong foundation for gentle exploration and guidance toward health and healing.

Grace Horowitz, Alder Program Manager
(Pronouns: she/her)

Office: 503-626-9100, ext. 223
Mobile: 503-300-8077