Get Support Now

No-cost, confidential support— 24 hours, every day:

Call/Text or Chat: at (503) 640-5311 or (888) 640-5311

Our confidential advocates will answer your call, text, or chat to provide crisis intervention, information and referrals, help with safety planning, provide emotional support, and more- 24 hours, every day.

This essential support service is for anyone who has directly experienced sexual assault, for families or friends, or those concerned about how sexual assault impacts our community.

The 24-Hour Support & Resource Line is now accessible via phone and confidential, anonymous SMS text, online chat, and Facebook Messenger support, ensuring a safe space for people to share their experiences and receive the support they deserve.

To inquire about other SARC-Oregon services call our 24-Hour Support & Resource Line: (503) 640-5311 or (888) 640-5311