About SARC


Our mission is to promote social justice by eliminating sexual violence in our community through education, support, and advocacy.


SARC recognizes that sexual assault can and does happen to anyone. Members of historically marginalized communities are more likely to be affected by sexual violence and more likely to experience barriers to accessing services and seeking justice. SARC strives to be culturally responsive and to be intentional in our efforts to support communities disproportionately impacted by sexual violence.

We also understand that identities are intersectional and oppressions are interlinked. In order to more fully serve those who have experienced sexual violence, we recognize we must also work to address, challenge, resist and dismantle other forms of violence and oppression.


In 1977, two sexual assault survivors formed Rape Crisis Center, Inc., in Hillsboro, Oregon, as a nonprofit devoted to providing caring and compassionate support and advocacy to survivors of sexual assault. In 2001, the organization changed its name to the Sexual Assault Resource Center, or SARC, to better reflect the agency’s mission and vision of serving people who have experienced all types of sexual assault and violence. SARC is currently located in Beaverton, Oregon.

For over 45 years, SARC-Oregon’s dedicated staff and volunteers have been providing advocacy and ongoing support services to folks who have been impacted by sexual violence. The 24-Hour Support & Resource Line is available 365 days a year.

SARC-Oregon is funded through state and federal grant contracts, grants from private foundations and trusts, as well as generous donations from private donor foundations, companies, and individual donors, so that we may always offer our services to clients at no charge.

SARC also promotes prevention of sexual violence through programming and healthy relationships curriculum in high schools and within the larger community. Our evidence-informed healthy relationships curriculum, Beyond!Consent: Healthy Teen Relationships, seeks to dismantle harmful social norms and promote healthy norms, beliefs and actions that promote a safe and equitable society free of sexual violence.

We offer community education presentations and basic trainings to area nonprofit agencies and community groups at no cost. And, may provide expert training development and presentation on advanced sexual violence topics for a fee, and on a sliding scale.