At SARC we believe that no matter the circumstances, sexual assault is never the fault or responsibility of the person who was harmed.

Following an assault, people who experienced harm may feel shock, disbelief, embarrassment, shame, anger, guilt, or nothing at all. These are all natural reactions.

All feelings are valid, normal, and okay.

Decisions after being harmed can be difficult. Confidential advocates are here to provide resources, information, and support you in whatever ways you choose.


Emotional Support, Information, and Resources

No-cost, confidential support— 24 hours, every day:

Call/Text or Chat

(503) 640-5311 or (888) 640-5311

Our confidential advocates will answer your call, text, or chat to provide emotional support, information, resources, help with safety planning, and more- 24 hours, every day.

This essential support service is for anyone who has directly experienced sexual assault, for families or friends, or those concerned about how sexual assault impacts our community.

The 24-Hour Support & Resource Line is confidential, anonymous and accessible via phone, text, online chat, and Facebook Messenger, ensuring a safe space for people to share their experiences and receive the support they deserve.


In-Person Accompaniment

SARC’s in-person accompaniment service provides confidential advocacy, support and education to survivors ages 14+, and their support persons during a sexual assault-related medical exam and/or if the survivor chooses to report the assault to police. Advocates will provide emotional support, information about your options and resources available, safety planning, and can connect you with follow-up support services.

A survivor has the right to advocacy at every point of the process and may request a confidential advocate at any time. 

  • Accompaniment services are available if the sexual assault either occurred in Washington County, or the survivor lives, works, attends school, or is otherwise significantly connected with Washington County.
  • Advocates respond to locations in Washington County, and if the survivor chooses to have an advocate be with them at the time of an exam or report.
  • In non-urgent circumstances, we encourage a call to our 24-hour Support & Resource Line at (503) 640-5311 or (888) 640-5311, prior to, or upon arrival at the hospital, or if a survivor is planning to file a police report.
  • If a survivor presents at the hospital for medical attention first, then a trained medical professional, usually a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), will contact SARC on the patient’s behalf, if the survivor chooses to have a confidential advocate by their side.


Types of Medical Exams

Three (3) primary types of medical exams offered for survivors of sexual assault in Oregon. Depending on the amount of time passed since the assault and the needs of the survivor, certain options may be more appropriate than others.

All of the described exams are no cost to survivors of sexual assault, and covered through the Sexual Assault Victims Emergency Fund (SAVE fund). If you have any questions about these options or other medical options for survivors, advocates are available to provide information, support and resources through the 24-Hour Resource & Support Line by phone, text or chat: (503) 640-5311 or (888) 640-5311.


The Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) is most appropriate for survivors who have experienced an assault in the past 120 hours and wish to report their assault to police.

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), in a hospital setting, performs this exam. The exam may include:

  • a thorough physical,
  • the collection of evidence (such as clothing) and,
  • a pelvic exam.

Survivors always have the right to customize this exam based on the experience of the assault and what they wish to complete or not complete.


This exam is most appropriate for survivors who have experienced an assault

  • in the past 120 hours,
  • are over the age of 18, and
  • are not sure if they would like to report to police, but may consider reporting in the future.

Similar to the Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE), the Jane/John Doe is for the collection of evidence through a physical exam performed by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). The survivor may customize this exam based on their experience and comfort level at the time.

This exam differs from the SAFE in that evidence is held anonymously for the survivor unless it is requested to be processed for reporting purposes.


This exam is most appropriate for survivors who experienced a sexual assault in the past week and are certain that they will not report physical evidence to police. A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), or other trained hospital staff, may complete this exam.

The Wellness Exam is customized for each survivor based on the experience of the assault and is designed to focus on and address the health and wellbeing of the survivor.