Good Times Raising Awareness at Lola’s Room

SARC benefit concert

Thanks to everyone who came out to the benefit concert, we had a great time! We wanted to offer a good mix of music in the line-up and offer a nice variety to appeal to the audience. Raising awareness was our #1 goal. We had the opportunity to share what and who SARC is and speak about our causes along with a slideshow.

As our first concert, we are proud to have held the event and couldn’t have done so without the help of many folks. It all started with the McMenamins family with their generosity and commitment to the community and so, the search was on for bands. A bonus was Pixxl PDX who set up their photo style booth with fun props where we had SARC specific signs to throw into the mix.

View photos from the show here >>

All musicians were (and are) so sweet and gracious, it warms our hearts.
The crew at McMenamins–they know what they’re doing.

We hope you enjoyed the show! We rely on members of the community like you to help keep SARC available to those in need.

Support the great musicians who came out in support of SARC and thanks all for coming out to the show! We’d love to hear from you. Let us know on any feedback so we can make it even more successful next time. We hope to make it our annual fundraiser event.

Much love and gratitude goes to:

Little Warrior
Pixxl PDX
Christine Ellworth