Do Right Sundays fundraiser for SARC by Dig A Pony!


Every last Sunday of the month Dig A Pony partners with a different local nonprofit or community organization to highlight the work they’re doing in Portland and contribute 10% of daily sales to the group…It’s a simple way for them to do right in the city they love. Considering the recent developments in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, they thought it only right to partner this month with us! Thank you, Dig A Pony!

For more information about the event: visit the Do Right Sundays Event Page 

The night is always free to attend and is anchored by some favorite DJs, Deena Bee & Spark… They play throwback hip hop, R&B and electro and set the perfect laid back tone for the evening.

Dig A Pony is a warm and welcoming bar in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Putting a fresh take on an old space, they have one of the largest bar tops in town, DJs playing records every night, and an enticing and varied food and drink menu. Providing an inviting and friendly place for meeting old friends and making new ones.