Trauma-Informed Peer Clinical Consultation Group

Intimacy Group

The SARC Alder Program will be offering a FREE 10-week psychoeducational group aimed at addressing sexuality and intimacy needs for adult survivors of sexual trauma starting March 3, 2016. The group will meet Thursday evenings at the SARC Alder Program office.

The group references work done by both Wendy Maltz (The Sexual Healing Journey, 1991) and Staci Haines (Healing Sex, 2007) that addresses intimate, sexual and sensual healing for survivors.

Goals of the group include:

  • Exploring one’s own definitions of healthy sexuality and intimacy in a sex-positive environment
  • Discussing barriers to sexuality and intimacy in a safe, non-judgmental setting
  • Offering tools to increase a participant’s ability to become more in tune with their sexuality while setting and maintaining boundaries

The group addresses sexuality and intimacy directly, therefore, a typical participant has previously participated in an initial support group and/or individual counseling to address sexual trauma and will have developed an array of positive coping skills.

For more information or to sign up for the group please contact Betsy Trumbull, LCSW at 971-708-5771 or via email at