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Gardening Self Care Spotlight

Self-care is an important part of everyone’s mental health, in whatever way feels best for you. In this month’s spotlight, read our volunteer, Eden’s, take on gardening as self-care. My garden. A beautiful oasis of healing, which offers itself so freely. The place I go when I need to feel closer to myself. A living […]

Cooking Self Care Spotlight

Self-care looks different for everybody. Read our volunteer, Frankie’s, blog about cooking as self-care below! Food is the universal language of love. Many people love to cook, and all people love to eat. Some are passionate bakers; some prefer to stick to the savory. My first experience cooking came courtesy of my mother. My father […]

Feeling Overwhelmed by the Media?

Read SARC Volunteer Coordinator, Morgan Evans, talk about how to care for ourselves in an age of endless media below!   Take a moment to really feel your feelings. Literally. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “What is the media bringing up for me?” Does reading or participating in these cycles make you anxious? […]

Responding to #MeToo and More

In a time when our newsfeeds are overflowing with disclosures from sexual assault survivors, articles about the social and political consequences for high profile perpetrators, and endless debates over what accountability should look and sound like, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. We are swimming, sometimes drowning, in questions. “How do we stop sexual assault?” […]

Spotlight: Melody Chow

Melody is a recent graduate of our Primary Prevention & Education training. Read her take on the great work she is doing with SARC! Teaching has always been a passion of mine. While studying as a film major in college, I mentored several students on media production and theory. It was a joy to watch […]

Primary Prevention Q&A

SARC’s Primary Prevention & Education Manager, Jenna Harper, answers questions about sexual violence and prevention. This is just one of our programs we feel is so critical and paramount to helping to change the culture to help end sexual violence. Q: How do we prevent sexual violence?  JH: This question is one most of us have asked, […]

How do we hold Charlottesville in a larger context?

It has been almost three weeks since the white supremacist acts of terrorism in Charlottesville, VA. We are still angered, saddened, afraid, and exhausted, but not surprised. Mostly because events like Neo-Nazi marches in Virginia have been happening across the country, including in Oregon, for a long time. Surprise at Charlottesville suggests that violent acts […]

June Spotlight: Fair Housing Council Bus Tour

In May, SARC staff participated in the Fair Housing Council Bus Tour of Portland: Fasten Your Seat Belts…It’s Been A Bumpy Ride. Over the four-hour journey, the guides explore how Oregon’s history of social and political discrimination impacts our communities today. Oregon’s viciously racist history is often easy to ignore, especially when we do not […]

Showing Up For Pride

June is Pride month for LGBTQIA+ communities and allies! Vibrant celebrations, parades, dance parties, and rainbow tutus can be joyous celebrations of queer communities. At the same time, corporate sponsorships and commercial exploitation can often render large-scale Pride events void of the activism and resilience that started Pride in the first place. Events like the […]