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This Is Our Moment

Friends of the Sexual Assault Resource Center, This is our moment. Our national conversation on sexual assault has been galvanized by the Kavanaugh hearings, the Cosby verdict, and the #MeToo movement. More than ever, people are talking about trauma, about consent and sexual health and wellness, and about how we can support survivors and prevent […]

Share Your Art! Envianos tu arte!

(Desplaza hacia abajo para instrucciones en español) Submissions are open for the 3rd edition of Reclaim//Reclama! Guidelines & Prompts Reclaim//Reclama is an art magazine featuring the works of people across Oregon who have experienced sexual violence. SARC publishes this magazine in April to honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Reclaim//Reclama exists to highlight people whose stories and […]

Call for Submissions – ¡Se Solicita su Arte!

Share your experience, your resilience, your strength, your story. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and SARC is publishing the 2nd edition of Reclaim//Reclama. What is Reclaim//Reclama? Reclaim//Reclama is an art magazine of stories, poems, prose, visual art, photography, and other types of creative expression made by people across Oregon who have been impacted by […]

Giving Tuesday

In the midst of holiday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget how many people are trying to heal in the wake of sexual assault . . . or how little it takes for you to make a difference for someone in crisis. This October alone, SARC responded to 109 crisis calls from sexual assault survivors, and […]

Creating a Culture of Consent

Read our volunteer, Frankie’s, take on the importance of consent below. What is consent? Consent, in any situation, is a strong, enthusiastic YES, when NO is a viable option. Consent is mandatory during any sexual encounter with anyone, but consent is also necessary in every situation, not just sexual encounters. We must give and get […]

Self-Care: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

When you feel at a loss of control over the circumstances in your life, it is common to be filled with self-doubt, anxiety, guilt, and a plethora of other draining emotions that hurt in more ways than one. Whether we are aware of it, pain takes on both mental and physical side effects. Muscle tightness, […]

How Misconceptions About False Reporting Hurt Sexual Assault Survivors

Content warning: This blog includes descriptions of sexual assault reports. Sexual assault cases are extremely difficult to investigate and prosecute in our existing criminal justice system. Reporting a sexual assault takes incredible courage and resilience. Despite this, sexual assault survivors are often the only victims of crimes who are treated as suspects. People who report […]

Media Review: Anatomy of Doubt

In 2016, before Tarana Burke’s Me Too movement gained national attention, popular podcast,  This American Life aired “Anatomy of Doubt.” In part of that podcast, they compared the experiences of two survivors of sexual assault. The first woman, Marie, was not believed by the people closest to her, law enforcement, and those in her community. […]

Mental Health & Sexual Assault

Mental health and sexual assault are closely intertwined. Many people believe an assault is the main cause of trauma for a survivor. However, the assault itself if often just part of the overall ongoing trauma survivors experience. Sexual assault is not a just a traumatic event; it is a traumatic experience. Trauma is cumulative. Trauma […]

How to Keep Advocacy Work Sustainable

Sexual violence takes a toll, on those who experience it and on those who work at agencies like SARC to respond to and prevent it. Read our volunteer, Jessie’s, article about how SARC staff and volunteers keep their work sustainable. With any job, it is critical to practice healthy habits to ensure the work is […]