SARC Volunteer Programs

For 24-hour free anonymous support, call:

503-640-5311 or 1-888-640-5311

At SARC, we believe sexual violence is never the survivor’s fault, and everyone has the right to safety.

SARC’s 24-hour anonymous, confidential, free support line offers a safe place for survivors and their loved ones to get immediate support in the ways they need. Our advocacy is driven by the philosophy that individuals know what is best for their life. Everyone’s story looks different, everyone’s needs are different, and everyone’s responses to sexual assault are different. Our advocates’ role is to make sure survivors have all the relevant information and resources available, and to support survivors in whatever choices they make. We view advocacy as a microphone, and we strive to amplify survivors’ voices rather than impose our own.

We believe you. Your story matters. You need not be alone.

Who We Are

Volunteer Advocates
Since our founding, volunteers have primarily staffed our support line. Our volunteer advocates undergo a rigorous 50-hours of trauma-informed training before working on the line. Advocates participate in ongoing workshops and constantly strive to support survivors through the use of best practices and a culturally responsive lens. We consistently hear great things about our volunteer advocates from survivors and community partners alike. Our volunteer-based model of service is part of our 40-year history we are proud to continue.

What We Do

24-Hour Support Line
Our free and anonymous support line offers crisis intervention, community referrals, links to resources, and over-the-phone advocacy to sexual assault survivors and their loved ones. We are here to answer questions and provide information about all options available as survivors make decisions in their healing process. We are here to help de-escalate and ground callers who have been recently triggered, no matter how much time has passed since their sexual assault. We are here to listen, talk, and provide emotional support whenever someone needs us, for whatever reason, void of judgment. We take calls at all hours of the day and night, from people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

Links to Resources
Our advocates are aware of SARC-specific services and community partner services for ongoing support for the survivor and/or the survivors loved ones, including: Individual counseling, Support Groups (LGBTQ, Language-Specific, Culturally Appropriate), Legal Support, and Case Management.
SARC advocates also offer 24-hour, confidential, free, in-person advocacy in the following situations:

Hospital Accompaniment
SARC provides accompaniment to hospitals within Washington county when we are contacted by law enforcement or hospital personnel on behalf of survivors. We provide support and information to survivors making decisions regarding medical exams, reporting, and follow-up services. Our trained advocates can be present for as much or little of the process as the survivor wishes.

Law Enforcement Accompaniment
SARC advocates can be called to support survivors at law enforcement locations within Washington county. Our advocates can be with survivors throughout the reporting process, including initial reports and any follow-up interviews. If a case is moving forward, our advocates can refer survivors to case management for follow up support, if the survivor is interested.

Who We Serve

We understand it can be difficult to talk about sexual assault, and SARC advocates are here to meet you wherever you are in your healing process.

Our 24-hour free and anonymous support line is available to anyone affected by sexual violence, regardless of gender identity, sex, race, ability, age, religion, immigration status, national origin, or sexual orientation. For anyone who is confused, uncertain, in crisis, needs resources, or simply wants someone to listen and talk to, our services are available.

Our advocates can respond in-person to survivors age 15+ who live in or who experienced sexual violence in Washington County.

SARC’s services are also available to the following groups:

PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Survivors
Under PREA, incarcerated survivors in Washington County are able to access SARC’s 24-hour support line and receive in-person advocacy when they present at a hospital to receive medical attention following a sexual assault. SARC has resources to provide ongoing support to survivors who are incarcerated.

Friends, Family, and Loved Ones
The violence of sexual violence can affect friends, family, and loved ones as well as survivors. Our advocates are trained to offer support to friends, family members, and loved ones, so they can gather information, get support themselves, or learn skills to support the ones they love.

If you have any questions regarding SARC’s services, please call our Office Line (503-626-9100) or our 24-hour Support Line (503-640-5311 or 1-888-640-5311)

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