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For 24-hour confidential support call
503-640-5311 or 1-888-640-5311

SARC’s 24-hour confidential and free support line is a resource for people who have been impacted by sexual assault to get immediate support in the ways they need.

You need not be alone.

Who We Are

Volunteer Advocates
Since our founding, volunteers have primarily staffed our support line. Our volunteer advocates undergo a rigorous 50-hours of trauma-informed training before working on the line. Advocates participate in ongoing workshops and constantly strive to support survivors through the use of best practices and a culturally responsive lens. We consistently hear great things about our volunteer advocates from survivors and community partners alike. Our volunteer-based model of service is part of our 40-year history we are proud to continue.

What We Do

24-Hour Support Line
Our free and confidential support line offers crisis intervention, emotional support, information, and to community resources over-the-phone to people who have been impacted by sexual violence.  We are here to answer questions, give options and offer support to people from diverse backgrounds, in ways that are meaningful and free of judgement. No matter how much time has passed since the sexual assault, we are here whenever someone needs us, day or night, for whatever reason.

24-Hour Crisis Response
SARC provides advocate response to locations throughout Washington County, including hospitals, high school and college campuses, clinics, shelters, police departments and other locations where people are reporting when law enforcement is present.  provide support, information and accompaniment to people for medical exams, reporting, and follow-up services. Our certified advocates can be present for as much or as little of the process as requested and the person who was sexually assaulted can share as much or as little as they want to about the sexual assault.

Who We Serve

SARC’s services are also available to the following groups:

Incarcerated or formerly incarcerated people who have experienced sexual violence
Under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), incarcerated people in Washington County who have experienced sexual abuse are able to access SARC’s confidential support line and receive advocacy when they are transported to the hospital for medical attention following a sexual assault. SARC also provides ongoing support to incarcerated people who have experienced sexual abuse.

People who are experiencing housing instability
SARC has specialized services to help people whose housing stability has been affected by experiences of sexual assault, secure, maintain, support and/or leave housing. This may include shelter, financial assistance, lease breaks and/or providing essential items.

People who identify as Latinx and/or speak Spanish 
All of SARC’s programs have services available in Spanish and all of our Latinx community services are provided by members of the Latinx community. We offer 24-hour services, case management, counseling, support groups and community education in Spanish.

Adults who have experienced sex trafficking  
Adults who have experienced sex trafficking are always welcome at SARC. All of our direct services are available, including 24-hour services, case management, counseling and support groups. Youth and young adults up to age 25 who have who have experienced sex trafficking, are referred to a partner agency that specializes in these services for that age group.

Sex workers  
We provide services to people regardless of what they do for work. All of our direct services are available, including 24-hour services, case management, counseling and support groups.

Friends, family, loved ones and community members
Sexual violence can negatively affect friends, family, and loved ones as well. Friends, family members, and loved ones can call so that they can gather information, get support themselves, or learn skills to support the ones they love.

If you have any questions regarding SARC’s services, please call our Office Line (503-626-9100) or our 24-hour Support Line (503-640-5311 or 1-888-640-5311)

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