CSEC Program

CSEC Program Description

For the past five years the CSEC program has worked diligently to meet the individual and systemic needs of sexually exploited youth in Multnomah and Washington Counties by providing a victim-centered approach through our 24-hour emergency response advocates and long-term support case managers.  Case Management defined in simple terms is the coordination and compilation of resources, services and supplies necessary to meet the most basic needs of the youth.  To date we have served over 450 unduplicated teens find safe and secure shelter, gain access to physical and mental health care services, procure clothing and hygiene supplies, re-establish educational plans, build job skills, and through the process build a community of caring and supportive individuals who help the youth move towards their dreams. As the program matures and children stay with us longer we found the need to divide the services into two separate and developmentally appropriate sub-programs.

As the 12-17 year olds continue to grow and thrive we began to refer to their services as STRYDE (Survivors Together Reaching Your Dreams Empowerment Program).  We have three case managers dedicated to supporting the resiliency of this special population.  In the last six months, we have added an entirely new way to support CSEC who are 18-23 and no longer eligible for benefits from many other social service agencies as they have officially “aged out” from the system.  We call it RYSE (Resilient Survivors Empowerment Program).  These older youth are able to continue accessing services through our new drop-in center, generously sponsored by City Bible Church, where they can receive age-appropriate case management, resources and build community. Recently we hosted an all-ages Thanksgiving Feast and Craft night in the space. RYSE is off to a great start with two dedicated case managers and we can’t wait to keep building! 

Learn more by listening to our executive director, Erin Ellis, in this video: