Meet Our Board

Debra Dority, JD, Attorney Oregon Law Center, Chair of the Board, Board Governance Committee. 

I joined the Sexual Assault Resource Center board because sexual assault is an epidemic and SARC provides the necessary support and assistance to help victims of sexual assault become survivors. SARC does amazing work and I am proud to say I am a member of the board of directors. Member since 2009.


Eleanor Laws, JD, Administrative Law Judge with the National Labor Relations Board, Vice Chair of the Board, Board Governance Committee

I choose to serve on SARC’s board because I want to use my legal training and skills beyond earning my paycheck. If my service helps SARC function more smoothly, this enables the volunteers and dedicated employees of SARC to help survivors heal and ultimately achieve their goals. I serve because I am able to, and that is a privilege. I hope SARC can help survivors reach this same place and beyond. Member since 2012.


Tyler Reimann,CPA, Property Management Accountant, Chair of the Finance Committee

I chose to serve on SARC’s board because I believe strongly in advocating for the rights of survivors of sexual assault. This organization has a strong reputation of standing with survivors in their time of need, while expecting nothing in return. SARC addresses sexual assault as a public health problem that is larger than any one incident and I am proud to stand behind that message. Member since 2012.


Heidi Pollard-Hermann, MA, MSN, Labor & Delivery RN, Board Secretary, Board Development Committee

My background is in working with survivors of human trafficking and CSEC. Through volunteering with SARC, I’m able to join in the amazing work taking place to prevent and bring solutions to fighting sexual violence in the community. SARC is on the front lines providing compassionate care to survivors of all forms of sexual assault. I’m passionate about creating opportunities for others to give and participate in their ongoing work! Member since 2012.


Deanna Seibold, Project Manager, Capitol One, Board Development Committee

securedownloadI am honored to work with SARC in the mission to promote social justice to eliminate sexual violence in our community. Serving on the Board gives me the gift of contributing to what SARC does with great effect: advocacy, education and support. I am inspired by the dedication and passion of staff, volunteers and my fellow Board members. I serve because I feel it is my responsibility to do so – for myself, for my family and for my community and I am proud to do so with SARC. Member since 2013.


Sunyi Kim, Executive Producer, Board Development Committee

Sunyi KimI am committed to the success of SARC’s goals, vision and messaging by bringing my marketing and communications background to the table. I’m honored to have been asked to serve on this board. I chose this non-profit because of the invaluable and necessary work SARC does in helping survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking in the communities in which I live, work, and play. Member since 2013.



*We are actively recruiting for additional experienced board members. Do you think you would be a good fit? Email us at